Prevail Deskmat IC
Please fill out the form for the first deskmat run by Prevail, the most popular one will go to group buy so everyone gets one. The other two will most likely be ordered in limited quantity and sold as in-stock.

Samples have already been ordered for all three, cost fronted by Prevail to ensure quality ahead of time. Mats will retail for $20-25, will NOT be more than $25.

These mats are intended to showcase these art pieces, we understand they're not for everyone. We wanted to try something different, if there's low interest that's okay! Please be honest.
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Imgur Albums - Artwork & Samples
What region are you located? If there's enough interest, we will get proxy vendors involved for fulfillment. *
Prevail Knight - Art by Siefl
Sword & Shield - Art by Siefl
Chibi Knight - Art by SkySunnymq
Which illustration would you like to see as a deskmat? The most popular choice will go to group buy, the others will be ordered in limited quantity to be sold in stock. *
If you like more than one, would you buy any other deskmats? If so, which ones? *
These deskmats are planned to be 900x400x5mm, just slightly thicker than normal deskmats. Does this sound good or would you prefer a thinner size? *
Please leave any feedback, suggestions or comments (good or bad). We have thick skin and appreciate honesty! Thank you for taking the time to fill out this IC *
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