Surveying The Landscape: The New Play Ecology In Canada
Thank you for your participation in this survey. Open to all self-identifying playwrights at any level of experience, the anonymous feedback gathered here will generate an important first phase of research to create the foundation for the exploration to follow.

The rationale behind the study is to examine the opportunities, ideas, and processes surrounding new play development, and to identify the space between art makers and decision makers. Our efforts at this stage are in the interest of information gathering, assessing the experience of playwrights in Canada as a whole.

There are 17 questions in total, including a mixture of short format, multiple choice, and open written response. On average, the survey takes approximately 12-15 minutes to complete. You are invited to be candid, take your time, and return to the survey as needed before submitting.

Understanding that the online/written format of this survey may not be inclusive for the needs and comfort of every individual, playwrights are welcome at any time to contact Research Coordinator Louise Casemore toll free via phone at 1-800-268-8564 or email to coordinate participation using other means.
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