Pain Coping Inventory
People who suffer from pain develop various ways to manage this pain. Here are a
number of statements about what you do or think when you are in pain.

We ask you to indicate how often you act or think as described. You do this by choosing one of the
possible answers behind the statement.

Take your time when you work from one statement to the next. There are no right or wrong
answers: it is rather your opinion that matters. It goes without saying that not all statements will
apply to you
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1 hardly ever
2 sometimes
3 often
4 very often
1. I stop my activities.
2. I continue activities with less effort.
3. I continue activities with a slower pace.
4. I continue activities less precisely
5. I confine myself to simple activities.
6. I do not exert myself physically.
7. I rest sitting or lying down.
8. I assume a comfortable bodily posture.
9. I take a bath or shower.
10. Make sure that I don’t get upset.
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1 hardly ever
2 sometimes
3 often
4 very often
11. I retreat into a restful environment.
12. I avoid bothering sounds.
13. Avoid light.
14. I am careful of what I eat or drink.
15. I pretend the pain is not present.
16. I pretend pain does not concern my body.
17. Focus on the pain all the time.
18. I imagine pain to be less violent than it really is.
19. I think of pleasant things of events.
20. I distract myself by undertaking a physical activity.
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1 hardly ever
2 sometimes
3 often
4 very often
21. I distract myself by reading, listening to music, etc.
22. I do something I find pleasant.
23. Self-administration of other physical stimuli.
24. Think of things that remain undone because of pain.
25. I start worrying.
26. I wonder about the cause of the pain.
27. I think that the pain will get worse.
28. Think about moments free of pain.
29. I think I will go mad with pain.
30. I think of other people’s difficulties
31. Others do not understand what it is to be in pain.
32. Separate myself.
33. When outdoors I try to return home soon.
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I have a way of my own to lessen the pain or make it more bearable.
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Your method is:
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