Application for show at Crescent City Radio
Once you provide this information we will evaluate it and contact you about options for getting a program. Anyone can have a show, so don't be concerned that you might be denied. CCR does not require on-air personalities to be Loyola students or in any way affiliated with Loyola. This application is used to assist station management in show placement and to gather other information.
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How many years of prior media experience either working at CCR, another radio station, or or other media. Journalism experience may be counted too.
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Long programs are encouraged. A four hour is best, a two hour show is good, and one hour shows are minimum.
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Please review our programming calendar to find openings. List your desired show day/time here. Note that we usually only allocate a single day/time to start, and then add more if the schedule isn't full.
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Program Topics/Focus *
What kind of topics does your show cover?
Obscene Content *
If your program contains content that is obscene or offensive (including cursing in music you might play), please let us know. Shows with obscene content must be between 10PM-6AM.
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Please list the real names, "DJ" names, emails and phone numbers for all staff of your show.
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