Research for Gardening Tool
In this survey, I intend to discover more about what gardeners face with their current products and how I can either improve the potential concept, or draw from other considerations. (NOTE: This is not a real product and will not be manufactured, it is simply for accurate data, thank you for your consideration)
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When you garden and pick up branches, leaves or small waste, do you strain yourself with the current market's products?
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In regards to a current tool you have, would you classify it as ergonomic?
Mark the boxes that your tool falls under in terms of the evidenced comfort.
Again, in reference to a current tool you use, what has been the best thing about it?
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If you had the opportunity to add one thing to your current product, what would it be?
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In terms of this potential product, what would you be willing to pay?
Assume that the product meets your desires and will be available near you. (Just enter the number in dollars)
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