21st CCLC After School Program Behavior Policy
The 21st CCLC After-School Program strives to provide a warm and welcoming environment for students and their families. Our expectation is that students in the learning community will conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful, responsible, and caring towards other students as well as staff members. The following behavior and discipline guidelines have therefore been established in addition to the Student Code of Conduct adopted by the Woodbridge School District.

Behavior Expectations:

 Students will adhere to the Woodbridge School District uniform policy. The only exception is for those students who are involved in a sport. These students may change into their practice attire before attending classes.
 Students will respect one’s self, classmates, teacher(s), and school property.
 Students will be on time and have his or her agenda book for at each class. All homework will be brought to class; no student will be permitted to go back to his or her locker to retrieve homework or other items to take home.
 Students will work quietly and cooperatively with classmates and teacher(s). When homework is completed before the end of the Power Hour or if no homework is given, an alternate learning or enrichment activity may be given for the student to complete. Participating in Achieve3000, Mango Math, Prodigy Math, or other activities directed by the teacher are also permitted.
 Students will refrain from chewing gum or displaying cell phones in accordance with school policy.
 Students who are involved in athletics and who have been directed by their coach to attend after school program before practice must attend each day there is practice. Students who do not attend program may NOT ride the bus home after practice is over.

Consequences of Behavior Infractions:

Infractions of the above Behavior Expectations will be addressed in the following manner:

 First infraction will result in a student warning; if this is for a cell phone issue, the cell phone will be confiscated by the teacher if use has not been granted and returned prior to leaving for the day.
 Second infraction will result in parent/guardian notification by phone or mail or both; if for behavior issue, student will be asked to “Take 5” by moving to a designated area of the classroom away from other students for a period of five minutes. If infraction is for a cell phone issue, the cell phone will be confiscated and turned in to the Main Office for parent pick-up if the student has not been granted use by the teacher
 Third infraction will result in the student not participating in enrichment (club) activities for a period of one week; student will remain in the Power Hour for duration of classes. This includes a third cell phone issue.
 Fourth infraction will result in student not being able to attend any program activities for a period of one week; this includes field trips or other special events held that week. A parent conference is required for student to return to the After-School Program. This includes a fourth cell phone issue.
 Fifth infraction will result in dismissal from the After-School Program for the rest of the school year. A formal withdrawal notice will be sent home to parent(s) or guardian(s). This includes a fifth cell phone issue.

Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for all children attending classes. Please be assured that every effort will be made by staff to encourage positive choices and all staff members hope to work cooperatively with parent(s) and/or guardian(s) to create the best possible experience for students in the 21st CCLC After-School Program. Thank you for your support and the opportunity to work with YOUR student(s) during this school year.
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