President's Cup 2023 - Referee Registration Form
This form is for
- referees who represent a team participating in the 2023 Presidents Cup Tournament hosted by Area 2J
- all neutral AYSO referees who wish to officiate at the Tournament
Other info:
- Presentation from Tournament referee call will be added to
- Check if you have an account on under AYSO 2J. If not, create one under AYSO / 2 / J
- Matches are already OPEN for assignments! Have fun!

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How many years/seasons have you been a Referee (an active one)?
Experience - Divisions where you have been CR for at least 5 games
Experience - Divisions where you have been AR for at least 5 games
Team Affiliation *
Enter the team name that you are representing,  Add in all if you are supporting more than one. You can enter the coaches last name if you do not know the team name.  Open this link in a new tab to find the applied teams,
Supported Divisions
Enter the Team(s) Division(s) you are supporting (related to previous question - may not apply if neutral)
Are you a youth referee?
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Any restrictions, preferences, or additional comments?
Please provide your T-Shirt size so that we can use that information for appreciation gifts if it applies.
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Will be used for text based communications to Referees,  e.g.  6501234567
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