Google Cloud Interconnect discount form
This form is meant for Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) customers. GCI customers can use this form to request discounting for egress charges when data egresses through one of the Google connected partners/providers. Please read the 'Pricing' section at the link here - for more details.

Merely filling up this form does not guarantee discounted pricing. Customers need to meet the following criterion to be eligible for discounted pricing

1) Use one of Google connected providers to egress data.
2) Egress data to their provider within the same region (like America, Europe or Asia) in which they use Google's Compute Engine or Google Cloud Storage resources. When in doubt, customers are requested to work with their provider to determine the locations where the provider peers with Google.

It could take upto a week from the time this form is submitted to process discounting.

The discounted pricing will take effect in the bill generated in the cycle that follows right after the discounting is processed.

Notes for this form

1) This form will collect an e-mail address. This e-mail address will be used to send any follow up correspondence or seek additional clarifications.
2) Once submitted, this form does not allow editing of responses. Please fill out another form with the correct details. The form with incorrect details can be safely ignored.
3) Each form can take in only one project. Please fill multiple forms for each project that you want discounting enabled for.

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Question 1) Which Google Cloud connected partner/provider do you egress traffic to?
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Question 2) Specify the Project ID for which this discounted billing should apply. Project ID is a multi-digit numeric code. If there are multiple projects, please fill out a separate form for each project.
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Question 3) Where are the Google Cloud regions used for the project?
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