Le Guess Who? 2019 volunteers application
Do you want to help us to make Le Guess Who? 2019 unforgettable? Or do you want to gain working experience at a festival? Become a part of our team as a volunteer, where you’ll meet like-minded music lovers from all around the world. Tasks for volunteering include: merchandise, serviceteam, barteam, ticketing, information desk, catering runner, flex-team or volunteering during the Satellite events.

As a volunteer you’re the ambassador of the festival! We really appreciate our volunteers that make of Le Guess Who? a great success! Please fill in the form to register yourself as a volunteer.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at volunteers@leguesswho.com.
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Types of shifts
If you want to work three days during the festival (passe-partout), you will work three shifts and get one day off to visit the festival.

If you want to work one or two days during the festival (dayticket), you will work one or two shifts and you are free to go to visit the festival before or after your shift during that day.
Which task(s) would have your preference? Please choose 2. (We can't guarantee that your preference will be your task during the festival, but we try to meet your wishes as best as we can). *
Would you like to apply for a passe-partout or for a day-ticket? Passe-partout: work 3 days, get one day off. Day-ticket: work one shift and get a ticket for that day. *
If you want to work one or two days, please choose Day-ticket. If you want to work three days, please choose Passe-partout.
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