2016-17 NLC Alumni Survey
We need 3 minutes of your time and some updated contact information to help us keep you connected to our network, plan events, and brag about your accomplishments.
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If you have relocated, do you need help connecting to your local NLC chapter?
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Are you willing to be interviewed by a 2017 Fellow? We will pair you up in January or February to meet with a Fellow and share your story. The Fellow will draft a profile highlighting your achievements for the NLC SV blog, or ask for your advice, strategies and lessons learned to help with their capstone project. *
Are interested in mentoring a 2017 Fellow? You would meet on semi-regular basis for a year to share your experiences, offer guidance, etc. *
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We want to know what progressive values and issue areas are important to you to help us develop relevant, meaningful activities. Please rank from 1-4, with 1 being most significant, your interest in these areas:
1 (most significant)
2 (very significant)
3 (somewhat significant)
4 (not significant at all)
Care for the environment
Police brutality and Justice reform
Economic justice
Democracy & Citizens United
Racial Justice
Animal rights
Food systems
Workers' rights
Reproductive freedom
Gender equality
LGBTQ rights
(Optional) We would love to have short quotes from alumni about their experiences with NLCSV. In 1-3 sentences, what impact did NLCSV have on you?
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Is there anything you would like to share that we may have missed?
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Thank you for your feedback! Hope to see you soon.
Warmly, Daisy, Lucrecia, and Anna
Alumni Engagement
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