Google Drive Offline for Binary Content Beta
Thank you for your interest in participating in the "Google Drive Offline for Binary Content" Beta program. When developing new products and features, Google often makes them available first through a Pre-General Availability program to help develop and test the product or feature and get feedback from users before making them available to all users.

To be eligible to participate in the Beta program, you must be an admin of the G Suite domain specified in this form.
What is the Test Product?
Today, users can use Chrome to make Docs, Sheets and Slides files available offline. This beta feature lets users mark PDFs, images, Microsoft Office files etc (collectively referred to as "binary content") available offline using Google Drive File Stream. It helps users who are traveling or have unreliable data networks to access important content.
What controls need to be enabled?
The feature will be enabled if the following conditions are met:

* The domain enables Drive File Stream use/installation (and is therefore a G Suite domain).
* Admins have enabled offline for the domain / device using the admin console settings.
* End users are signed into Chrome, and use Drive File Stream with the accounts associated to the whitelisted domain
* End users have offline enabled from within Drive or Docs settings.
Additional legal terms
The Test Product is in an early developmental stage and still being refined and, as a result, may not always work as intended. By submitting this Test Application, you acknowledge this and any associated risks. Your use and your end users’ use of the Test Product is governed by this Test Application and the Pre-General Availability Program Addendum (“PAPA”), and this Test Application is incorporated into and made part of the PAPA. In the event of a conflict between this Test Application and the PAPA, the G Suite ToS, or other agreement, this Test Application will govern.
1. Please enter the name of your organization
2. I confirm I am an admin of a G Suite domain and have Drive File Stream enabled *
We cannot whitelist domains that are not using G Suite, or are not using Drive File Stream
3. Please enter your full name
4. Please enter your email address
5. Role
Please provide your job title, role, or function.
6. Google Group(s) to Enable (e.g.,
These would be Google Groups for which members would then subsequently be able to mark binary content available offline.
By checking this box, I certify that I have read the Pre-GA Program Addendum (PAPA) and agree to its terms.
If you haven't already, please read the agreement by completing the form here:
By checking this box, I certify that I have read and agreed to the terms of this Test Application.
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