Student Questionnaire
Welcome to our class. I hope to learn a bit about you in order to tailor our lessons.

Please respond to this student survey and keep in mind that it serves as an introduction to your learning interests, strengths, and preferences.

It will also address your technology use and habits to help me get a sense of your working style in a digital platform.

Your responses are important, because they'll impact the design of our course. Please answer the questions thoughtfully and truthfully.

This will help our class run smoothly, I promise!!

Kind regards,
Erica Eller

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Do you enjoy writing? *
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How do you learn best? *
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Do you work best when...? *
How do you stay organized? For example: Do you use a to-do list or planner? How do you keep track of deadlines? What apps do you use? *
What do you generally like to do online? *
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When you want to learn how to do something outside of school, what do you do? *
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How often do you use technology (e.g. computer, phone, iPad, or other device) outside of school? *
How important do you think technology skills are to your success beyond high school in a college or career setting? *
Do you have a smart phone or device with internet access? *
Do you have a device with an internet connection at home? *
Do you have a computer, laptop, iPad or mobile device that your parents would allow you to bring to use for school work? *
*Talk to your parents if you are not sure.
If you do not have a computer and/or internet access at home, where do you get online? *
How often do you communicate with friends online? *
How often do you read articles, books or blogs online? *
Do you prefer reading online or in paper books? Are you comfortable reading, writing, and commenting on texts using digital tools online? *
Please explain.
What are your interests and hobbies outside of school? *
Sports, music, art, dance?
Tell me about your cultural, religious, philosophical, or ideological values. What do you believe in and what's important to you? *
Tell me a little bit about your family, siblings, parents, and your family lifestyle. *
Last year, how much time did you spend completing homework on a typical evening? *
How effective do you think homework is at helping you develop skills and be successful in school? *
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What after-school commitments or responsibilities do you have? *
What is your favorite part of school? *
What is your least favorite part of school? *
What do you wish more teachers knew about their students? *
What is one thing teachers can do to make your learning experience better? *
Is there anything else I should know about you? *
Likes, dislikes, learning or medical conditions?
Tell me one "fun fact"" about you that you that you haven't already discussed. Think "outside of the box." *
Thanks for your time!
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