ASPIRE Magazine Readership Survey
The Aspire Magazine readership survey will help the editorial team evaluate how readers view the Aspire campus magazine in an effort to improve quality of content and relevance to increase interest. Kindly spare a few minutes to fill out this survey. All information shared will remain strictly confidential.
What is your relation with the institution? (Check all that apply)
How much of Aspire do you read?
What is the average time you spend reading articles in the issue?
The issue offers an adequate reflection of the institution
The issue comprehensively addresses topics of interest that cut across the institution's areas of operation?
What article/topic/section would you consider the most memorable in last year's issue?
Your answer
Please suggest new topics or interest areas you would want featured in Aspire
Your answer
Based on your readership experience, would you share your copy of Aspire magazine with anyone?
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Content Relevance
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Content diversity
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Interesting articles
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Article length
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Ease of read
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Layout and design
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Photography
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Writing
In a scale of 1-5 rate : Cover Page
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