Middletown Pride 2019 Post-Event Survey
Thank you for participating in Middletown Pride 2019! We hope you had as much fun attending as we did organizing it.

We want your feedback so we can keep improving to make Pride even better for next time. Please complete this survey to share your thoughts. Individual responses will be kept as private as possible. Data will be used in aggregate format, with identifying details removed to protect your privacy. By completing this survey you indicate you are at least 18 years of age.

The survey is divided into 4 sections, and should take up to about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The first two sections are the longest; 3 and 4 are very short. You can even edit your responses after you submit.

This survey was created with the generous assistance of Pride: Durham, NC, a program of the LGBTQ Center of Durham.

Header photo by Perceptions Photography.
Image: Circular Middletown Pride logo in rainbow letters, underneath the Arrigoni Bridge
Did you attend Middletown Pride 2019? Choose the response that fits best. *
Who did you attend Middletown Pride with? Choose all that apply.
Which of the following activities did you participate in? Choose all that apply.
Which of these Pride events did you attend? Choose all that apply.
Was this your first Pride? *
If not, approximately how many other Pride events have you attended?
Please do not include Middletown Pride in your number.
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How would you describe your engagement with the LGBTQ+ community? Choose the response that fits best.
How did you hear about Middletown Pride? Choose all that apply.
When you attend a Pride festival, what do you hope to see? Choose all that apply.
If you attended Pride, what are the top areas you’d like to see done better or differently next time? Choose up to 5.
What issues did you notice with the areas you selected above? How would you suggest we do better next year?
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