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The Honey Lounge in Burning Man Hive provides a space for you to present and elaborate projects and courses shared on Hive. Share, learn, get inspired and cross-pollinate.

This is your opportunity to take the stage, share what you're passionate about, call others to action or ask them to join you. We are planning to host Honey Lounge events in a regular pattern and will promote them outside of Hive through our Burning Man outreach channels.

It'll be a virtual presentation platform on zoom. Following the presentations, you'll have the opportunity to host a breakout group with participants, to connect, answer questions and tell them more about how to get involved! More on the presentation format below.

We hope you will join us for this inaugural event!  Please let us know below what you'd like to present.  Questions? Email Matt at jmatt@burningman.org
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(optional) With only five minutes to share, we recommend one presenter. But you may wish to have someone join you. List their name as it should be listed below:
So, what will you be doing exactly?
During this live and recorded zoom, we'll ask each presenter to give us a short, five minute presentation exploring your topic. We want to hear what this topic is all about, why you're passionate about it, and how people can get involved.  

For your presentation you will select 10 images that speak to what you want to communicate. You will need to submit your images to us one week prior to the event. We will prepare a slideshow of your images and advance the images every 30 seconds during your 5 minute presentation.  All you need to do is talk! Presentations will be recorded and cut into individual presentations that we will share on Hive and you are free to use for your own (decommodified) purposes.

After the series of presentations - we're planning on three to five presentations for each event - we'll break out into smaller self selecting groups for a deeper dive and group sharing.

We imagine this event taking an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how long the discussions last.
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What's Next?
We'll follow up with you shortly to confirm. Once you have your 10 images, we'll have you send them to us via email or a file share service. We'd like to get those collected 1 week prior to the event, so stay tuned for details.

Until then, practice, practice!  

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