Unification of Symboles in COP Tool
Thank you for taking part in this survey.

DRIVER+ will use standardisation as one option to make its results sustainable. Therefore, the project partners identified seven ideas for potential standardisation topics. Each idea will be assessed depending on your answers to the related survey. Therefore, it is not clear yet, which kind of standardisation activities or which ideas will be pursued by DRIVER+ and/or standardisation organisations.

Thank you for contributing to this survey. We will keep you updated on the decision taken regarding the assessment of the seven ideas via the DRIVER+ website and the DRIVER+ newsletter*.

This survey asks for input to the ResiStand** Assessment Framework, which DRIVER+ will use to assess the ideas regarding their potential to become a standard.

*DRIVER+ newsletter: https://www.driver-project.eu/news/
**Information about Horizon 2020 project ResiStand: http://resistand.eu/

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