Story Telling Support Pod with Sue
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Storytelling is central to most of human life. Telling stories seems to come naturally to us. They are the main way of communicating with others about the things that matter to us. By sharing stories, we let people share a little of our world’s experiences.

Through the stories we tell, we create windows onto our hopes and fear. It is partly through engaging with storytelling in various forms that we learn about what it is to be a person. We learn to understand and empathise with other people’s experiences.

I love telling and listening to stories! It is a relaxing, fun way to experience different worlds and worldviews. Especially during this Covid time, we can travel to many places, without leaving our homes!

Understanding what teachers are going through at this time and wanting to support and engage in creative ways(without freaking people out or putting more pressure on them to ‘do’), the Storytelling support group is a passion of mine.

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To the best of my ability I will:

1. Own my experience, by using “I” to speak.

2. Practice empathy for myself and others.

3. Approach content and discussions with curiosity.

4. Be honest in my communication, within what is appropriate and okay for me to share and communicate.

5. Be respectful towards another person’s perspective, even when their ideas, beliefs, and understanding of a situation differ from my own.

6. Practice loving-kindness, which is defined as showing tenderness and consideration towards self and others.

7. Maintain confidentiality - You are welcome to share with others about your experience. We request you do not speak about another person's experience or what they have shared within the group.
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These groups are confidential and it is very important that we have agreements to create a safe container for everyone involved
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I understand that I will keep information that is shared during the group sessions, confidential and will not share it with anyone, on any platform, without the express, written permission of both the participants and Sue Hodson. *
I agree to notify the local principal investigator immediately should I become aware of an actual breach of confidentiality or a situation which could potentially result in a breach, whether this be on my part or on the part of another person. *
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