Survey on Small Business Loans
The current COVID-19 crisis has impacted many small businesses. The purpose of this survey is to collect information to design a new loan model for small businesses based on community support. Please answer all questions that are relevant to you, and share the survey with other entrepreneurs. Thank you for your time!

In total, we ask you 20 short questions. It should take 5 minutes to complete.

Questions? Get in touch with us:

Benjamin Laufer

Amanda Brown

*Note: We are not using this information to decide whether you get a loan. We do not originate loans. We are trying to gauge interest in a new model for business loans.
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When did you start your business?
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What is your average monthly revenue?
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What are your most immediate needs during the COVID-19 outbreak? What can individuals do to help your business?
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Do you need a loan now? How much?
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Did you need a loan before COVID-19? How much?
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Think of your loyal supports and community network. How many people do you think would be willing to lend $50 or more to your business?
Would you be willing to appear on a list of businesses that are seeking cash advances during this time, so that angels and community supporters can contribute?
How is your personal credit score? (optional)
Have you ever tried to get a loan or cash advance to help finance your business? If so, how many times?
Did you get the loan? (most recent attempt)
Have you ever asked friends or family for money for your business?
If your business ever received money from friends or family, what was the expectation for paying them back? Please explain the loan details.
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