Submit info about Deaf/Disabled incarcerated people . . .
HEARD ( created the only national database of Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled and Hard of Hearing people. We need the community's support in locating all of our incarcerated community. Please submit any information you have using the form below so we can make contact with our community and support them in fighting for access/accommodations.
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What is this person's full name?
What is this person's prison or jail identification number?
What is the name of the jail or prison this person is housed in?
What State is this prison/jail in?
Have you already contacted the jail/prison to advocate for this person? If so, what was the result?
Has this person filed any written complaints with the jail/prison?
Prisons and jails require submission of formal complaints. Sometimes this is difficult/dangerous for our community. Has this person filed any complaints? If so what were the complaints about.
What can you share about this person's preferred method of communication (receptive and expressive)?
does this person communicate in a sign language, speech, cued speech, something else? Any information you can provide is helpful.
What specific support or advocacy does this person need in the jail/prison?
If you wish to provide your information for follow up purposes, please leave your name, email address or vp/phone number, & the best time of day to reach you in your time zone.
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