The Delegate Registration form for the World Youth Summit act 4 Ghana 2020
Conference Fees:

Early Bird fees
- National without accommodation: 100$
- International without accommodation: 130$

Early Birds fees:
- National with accommodations: 250$
- International with accommodation: 280$


• World Youth summit welcomes youth leaders from all corners of the world, from 13 to 18 years old, between 19 to 27
and 28 to 55 years old,
• All delegates must be enrolled with any educational institutions (school, College and University etc.), working for any
national or international organization.

Registration Policy:

• Registration is only possible via the WYS website, WYS is not responsible to provide any confirmation of registration
from any other source,
• All registration fees are 100% non-refundable
• Delegates need to pay full fees before they have been confirming their place by the registration department.
• World Youth Summit has no policy of installment fees or pays on arrival,
• Once the registration fees paid, delegates need to send the receipt at, the registration team will get in touch and confirm their payable fees receipt within 24 hrs.
• The registration will confirm on a first-come, first-serve after the deadline the conference is not responsible to confirm
your registration.


• Once the registration confirms, the conference will provide the letter of invitation upon request.
• World Youth Summit is not responsible to guarantee to grant 100% visa, neither any refusals, it is the responsibility of the
candidates to prepare all the necessary documents before submitting visa applications.
• World Youth summit will not refund for the delegate/delegations who are unable to secure a visa.
Country Allocations:
• The delegates need to provide the committee and country allocations, preferences will be given on the given choices
upon availability,
• However, the World Youth Summit has complete rights to allocate country and council upon their discretion, which will
not be changed unless on the major concerns.

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