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About The Beverley Podcast
The Beverley Podcast is run by Joanne Brady of social media marketing business Social Bods. Joanne lives and works in Beverley and likes talking to people. The podcast aims to showcase local people in whatever capacity they like - professionally, personally, representing an organisation, or all three! We like interesting stories, especially about Beverley, and want to talk to people from a wide range of backgrounds. For this reason, it may not be possible to feature everyone who applies but the more the merrier. We are aiming for a weekly show.
Here are the rules of The Beverley Podcast
Recommending people and businesses is cool. Naming and shaming businesses and people you don't like is not.

If you know the names of my children, that's fine, but we don't share them on the podcast.

You can indeed plug your business / organisation as I do too but overegging it is not cool. We will be putting links to your business or organisation on the podcast's Facebook page when we promote the show.

Have you read the rules of The Beverley Podcast (above)
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What's your favourite place to visit in Beverley?
What interesting things about you do I need to know?
Do you have anything time sensitive in the pipeline to promote?
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