Landing Volunteer Application Form 2018
Please fill out this application form and submit it to be considered for an interview at the Landing.
Any supplemental documents you would like to submit such as a CV or a resume, feel free to send to

Any questions about the volunteer application process can be sent to
Applications will be collected until May 31, 2018.
First round of interviews will take place before the semester ends, and a second round of interviews will take place over the summer.
Please indicate your interview preference at the end of this application.
Note: Individuals who have difficulties with written expression are welcome to set up a meeting with a Landing staff member for assistance in completing the application form, though it is our preference to have you fill out this form if possible. You can use the above email to contact us.

Basic Information
Full legal name *
For legal purposes, which we hate to ask!
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Preferred Name
If different than above, we will use this name exclusively.
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Optional to disclose-- Some examples: she/her, ze/zim, he/him, they/them, per/per, all pronouns, no pronouns
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Email address *
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Faculty, Program & Year
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Date of birth *
Mailing address *
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Phone number *
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Your personal gender and/or sexual and/or romantic identities (OPTIONAL)
Some examples of gender identities: Cisgender female, trans masculine, non-binary, genderfluid, etc. Some examples of sexualities: queer, bisexual, asexual, demisexual, gay, pansexual, etc. Some examples of romantic identities: biromantic, panromantic, aromantic, homoromantic, etc. Culturally specific terms can also apply, such as two-spirit. And SO MANY MORE!
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Any additional languages spoken?
We sometimes have visitors who speak limited English or ESL. If you feel comfortable supporting a visitor in another language, please list any here:
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Previously volunteered with the Landing *
If yes, when?
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Have you previously volunteered in another supportive listening role? *
Such as: Peer Support Centre, Unitea, distress line, Sexual Assault Centre, etc
If yes, which organization and when?
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