The Student Buddy Scheme
This scheme is to help connect with one another. Buddies provide peer-to-peer support. We are aiming to connect you to a student who has similar interests to you in order to facilitate sharing tips/knowledge/stories and provide general support for one another.

Data Protection Statement. The information supplied on this form will be used by a member of SU staff to identify a student with similar interests to you. Buddies have been sourced from staff of UWLSU and by submitting this form you agree to your student email address being passed on to a buddy. Please note, this information will be kept securely. I agree that if I am paired with another student, some of the information given on this form may be shared with them (i.e. interests). The information will not be shared with any external parties, and will be deleted at the end of the project. *
By ticking this box, I agree to be respectful of my buddy and to follow the student code of conduct (this will be sent to you). We recommend that you only talk via student email until or IF you feel you have established a good connection and would like to talk using other platforms *
By ticking this box you understand the following statement: I can opt out of the buddy system at any time. You can do this by contacting *
Please could you enter your student number so that we can contact you *
Why have you contacted the Buddy Scheme? *
Please tell us a bit about what you are interested in! Tick all that apply (Please note: it may not be possible to match you by your preference but every effort will be made to do so) *
How old are you? *
Which school of study are you in? *
Do you want to receive a call from an SU staff member to check in? *
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