This is an application to be considered for the 2020 Ham Jam BBQ Cook-Off at Humphrey Farm on April 11th, This Cook-Off is open to the first TWENTY-FIVE contestants. There will be a wait list which you can request to be added to. There is a $40 Fee which includes your pork shoulders.

1.) ALL Contestants must fully cook their pork ON-SITE.
2.) There will be a Mandatory Team meeting on Friday, April 10th at 7pm. If the Team Captain cannot attend, the Captain MUST designate someone who will and notify the Head of Competition who this will be.
3.) The Meeting will consist of introduction of Head of Competition, Rules and Selection of Pork Shoulders.
4.) You will also be 1) Competition Containers and 2) Sampling Kits.
5.) Immediately following the meeting, you can set up your cooking stations and tents. Space is NOT an issue, but please be considerate of competitors. Power IS available. You must supply your own extension cords and power strips, etc.
6.) Cooking start times are on your own times. Your team makes these determinations.
7.) There will be THREE Additional Competitions that you MAY enter in, as desired. There is NO extra Fee but you must supply your own meats. You only have to supply/cook enough meat for judging. If you wish to cook additional meats for sampling you may. These categories are:
a.) Wings
b.) Ribs
c.) Brisket
d.) Sauce
8.) You MUST be able to stay and sample your meats. This starts at 12 noon and generally lasts for 1,5-2 hours, depending on your meat supply and number of attendees. Humphrey Farm will supply a sampling kit which consists of cups, forks and napkins.
9.) You will be given a People's Choice Box where attendees can vote for their fave BBQ.
10.) Any extra sauces or condiments you wish to serve with your meat(s) is optional and up to you.
11.) We expect all competitors to be aware of meat temps at all times, as well as, safe food practices such as wearing plastic gloves at all times, etc.
12.) Please provide your own hand wash stations. You will have access to water.

Prizes and Trophies will be awarded as follows:
a.) 1st Place Best of Pork - $250 Cash + Trophy
b.) 2nd Place Best of Pork - $100 + Trophy
c.) Best of Wings $50 + Trophy
d.) Best of Ribs $50 + Trophy
e.) Best of Brisket $50 + Trophy
f) Best All Around - Trophy *(you MUST have entered ALL Categories)
g) People's Choice Pork - Trophy

8.) You MUST be able to sample your own meats. You will be provided with a Sampling Kit consisting of sampling cups, napkins and forks.
9.) Any sauces or toppings, etc, you wish to have on hand to better your sampling experience is up to you to provide.
10.) You may sell your OWN bottled sauces or spices as long as they are bottled and approved by the FDA, etc.
11) People's Choice Voting will be based upon total number of collected tickets. You will be given a slotted container at the meeting with your Team Number and this is to be placed on your table in a prominent spot. All Festival Attendees will be given a ticket they can vote with. Encourage voting for YOUR pork.
12.) Winners will be announced at 3:30pm on the small stage by the Beer Barn.
13.) YOU are responsible for the complete clean-up of your space, to include any grease/burnt wood, etc. You can clean-up/break down immediately after the winners have been announced.
14.) Please be aware of safe food practices at all times. Keep meats at a proper temperature, use a hand-washing station for proper sanitary practices. Please provide your own receptacle for your own trash. A larger can will be provided for any bags.
15.) Judging and Meat Turn in Times:

a.) Wings (you must have at least 3 wings for sampling/judging): 10am
b.) Ribs (you must have at least 3 Ribs for sampling.judging): 10:30am
c.) Brisket: (you must have at least 3 Slices for sampling.judging): 11am
d.) Pork: (you must have at least 3 portions for sampling.judging): 11:30am
*** all judging is BLIND.

Date of Application:
Full Name:
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Contact Cell:
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Do you wish to be added to the wait list if you are not one of the first 25 contestants?
Please click all other meats/categories you will be participating in. Everyone MUST participate in the Pork/BBQ Cook-Off, but other categories are as desired.
Pork Shoulders will be supplied as part of your fee. There will be 2-3 supplied approx 10-13lbs each. All other meat categories you wish to compete in is to be supplied by you. (You can cook/supply just enough for judges sampling or cook some for guest sampling, its up to you.)
Do you understand all Meats must be cooked onsite? Homemade sauces/Rubs can be brought already prepared.
Do you understand all Meat Categories have seperate turn-in times?
Do you understand you are encouraged to decorate your space but it is not necessary.
Will be be representing:
If Non-Profit or Business, please state name:
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I understand that filling in this application does not mean I am automatically selected. Selection will be FCFS. Competitors will recieve an email if you are selected or added to the wait list, if requested. If you cannot attend, you agree that you will let Humphrey Farm know as soon as possible, so your place can be filled.
Do you agree that you are coming onto a working farm and Humphrey Farm nor any of its entities or family members can be held responsible nor liable for any injuries or damage sustained to you personally, to any of your vehicles, or products. We are not responsible for theft of any inventory or product.
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