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I've been building a browser based hex mapper and I'm starting to collect a few names for alpha testing. If you're willing to try a very early stage product, see how it works, and provide feedback to help improve it - please sign up below. All questions are optional (apart from your email address).

Note that this is an alpha product, so it can be expected to break, and you can't assume that all data will be faithfully saved. Definitely a 'use at your own risk' product.

Let's go chart uncharted waters!
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Preview of the tool in it's current form
hex mapper preview
What would be your primary use for a hex mapper?
I've been putting this together on the basis of using it for ongoing RPG campaigns. Is this your primary use, or something else? Do you have a specific genre you play in (fantasy, post apocalyptic, current day...)?
How would you use the output of a hex mapper?
What features would you see as core to a hex mapper?
This could include things like - export to .jpg, permissions for player/GM visibility and editing, public urls, linked maps ...
What features would you consider 'nice to have' in a hex mapper?
As above, but this list can be longer and more blue skies
Let me know a little about the platform you're using
The tool is browser based first and foremost, so it's cross platform. But if you'd primarily want to use this on a tablet (or phone), it would be good to know.
If the tool required an internet connection, would that be a deal breaker?
As it currently stands the mapper requires an active internet connection for any edits to be saved.
Would you be willing to pay a monthly fee to use the hex mapper to build and share maps? (accessing those maps would be free)
Feel free to skip this if you're not happy answering, but if you have feelings on what's a reasonable payment structure I'd be interested to hear them.
Where do I know you from?
If you have a G+ page, a twitter handle, or a FB profile that you're happy to share, throw it in here
What's your email address? *
I need this to allow any access to the alpha!
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