The fetcha pledge
1. I pledge to honor animal rights to a well being. I will always be a voice when theirs goes unheard and will advocate to protect animals from potential harm and suffering
2. I pledge to provide care through sickness and health when I am able and always show compassionate care for every animal that comes across my path.
3. I pledge to try my best to take action on those who have been treated wrong and always seek justice for our voiceless.
4. I pledge to continue to educate our society on the demands of animal welfare
5. I pledge to never abandon, harm or neglect any animal in my care.
6. If I cannot foster, I will volunteer. If I cannot volunteer I will sponsor. If I cannot sponsor I will donate. If I cannot donate, I will educate.
7. I will ALWAYS do my best and be the hero ALL animals need.
Here at fetcha we are 100% volunteer ran. To continue our journey we do rely on donations to keep fighting our good fight and continue pursuing our dream of helping rescues. We have bigger dreams in store for the future but without resources we are unable to do so. A donation is NOT required to pledge but we are 100% appreciative for any given.
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