Mutual Aid Participants Inner West COVID-19
Can you provide support to someone who is in isolation due to COVID-19? - Great! This is the form for you!

This form has been created on the lands of the Gadigal and Wangal people of the Eora nation and we acknowledge that mutual aid and care was built into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and continues till this day. Always was, always will be.

This form is for anyone who is looking to participate in their local community and support people who are asking for support as they can't leave the house due to risking exposure to COVID-19 or because they have already contracted COVID-19.

We intend to match up people with specific needs, with folks based in the same area who can help out! We do not have any specific care skills ourselves. However, we do have the ability to connect up the people within our networks. Whilst we would love to make sure those asking for direct support are prioritised, there is still plenty that can be done online and via phone/video, so please don’t hesitate to put your name down if that’s something you can do!

Please note that you will be providing assistance to people from a wide range of backgrounds and as such it is expected that this assistance will be provided without judgement, prejudice or expectations. We will not tolerate any ableism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, classism, fatphobia etc.

Upon completion of this form you will be contacted if there is need for your participation. Part of this contact will include information on how to ensure that you, as a participant, take all precautions possible to not spread or contract COVID-19.

If you are looking for support please fill out this form:
This is a map of the area we are coordinating volunteers for. Please ensure this is the right form for you before you fill it out.
What is your name (how would you like to be referred to)?
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Contact number? *
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Email address (if you would like contact via email)?
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Suburb and Postcode? *
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What sort of support can you provide?
When can you provide this support? (eg weekday, weekday afternoons, weekends only, etc)
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Do you have access to any of the following forms of transport? (tick as many as relevant)
Do you have money to donate that could cover the cost of transport/groceries for another person?
Is there any other information you would like to provide? (e.g. preferred method of contact, relevant employment information, etc)
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Do you understand that there is a chance you will come into contact with someone who may have or be highly susceptible to getting COVID-19 and that it is your individual responsibility to commit to taking ALL precautions to reduce the spread? (more information on how to do this will be provided upon becoming a participant) *
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