Midkota Material Pick Up
Please fill out this form for each student attending Midkota Public School to let us know what time on Monday, March 23 you or someone in your family will be able to stop at the elementary or high school to pick up student supplies. Fill out this form for each of your students, if you have three students please fill out this form three times. If you have a student in each building you will need to visit both buildings. Please come to the front door where a staff member will meet you with the materials.
Student Name *
Phone Contact *
Which school does this child attend? *
Other than teacher prescribed texts and technology, please list unique items your student would like to obtain from the school. Please be specific. If items are located somewhere other than their locker, please specify.
Select the time that will work best for you on Monday, March 23rd. *
Midkota will be providing meals for students. Please indicate below how you would prefer access to these meals. *
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