OSFC Anniversary Ticket - available until August 19th only!
You will get free entrance to the OSFC Conference if you buy a System76 Darter Pro OSFC Edition laptop.
The firmware on the laptop is coreboot + LinuxBoot and can be replaced later by the end-user himself f.e. with TianoCore, slimmbootloader or u-boot, etc.
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Buy a System76 Darter Pro laptop with open-source firmware and get a free ticket for the OSFC! - How it works:
1) Select your configuration and purchase your laptop via the link in the next step
2) After the purchase, we will send you a free ticket link after August 19th.
3) You will get your laptop during the opening event at the OSFC, Silicon Valley USA
IMPORTANT! Please use the address below for your shipping information
OSFC 2019
System76, Inc
4240 Carson St
Ste 101
Denver, CO 80239
Buy your laptop here: https://s76.co/OSFC19
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