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There are a number of different ways to join the Pipeline CSI and contribute to keeping our region free of harm by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We focus on technology-powered grassroots organizing in the mountainous regions of the proposed ACP in VA & WV.  People from different communities in our organizing area contribute to the program by sending in photos from their smartphones of their observations of pipeline construction gone from bad to worse. Some volunteers fly drones to get a better view construction in hard to reach areas. Others participate in water quality monitoring through our partner organizations, Trout Unlimited & WV Rivers Coalition. We even have some volunteer airplane pilots that take photos from above the highlands to help us keep track of many miles of destructive construction at once.

For more information about the Pipeline CSI and opportunities to contribute to the effort, see http://www.abra-csi.org/

If you want to get involved in this type of monitoring on the Mountain Valley Pipeline, please get in touch with our sister program, Mountain Valley Watch at https://www.newrivergeographics.com/mvw/

You can help!

Please read the descriptions of the different volunteering opportunities available below and select which one(s) you would like to volunteer for at the end of this section. Thanks you.
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Citizen Observers
See something? Say Something.

Citizen Observers are the eyes and ears and the front lines of the Pipeline CSI. This is a way that almost anyone can participate in our program. Observe, document, and report incidents of impacts to streams and of noncompliance with construction requirements. Whether you are an impacted landowner, a National Forest trail hiker, a neighbor downstream from construction, or just as a concerned citizen passing by on the highway, anyone with a camera, a telephone, and two eyes can fill this role!

Leave a detailed message of what, when, where on the CSI Reporting Hotline:   877-462-2272 (877-Go2-ABRA)

Email photos and a typed description of your observations to CSI Central:  CSI@abralliance.org

Better yet is to go the extra step of filling out our Incident Report Form! This form lets us more quickly track and address your reports, but may require a bit more time and attention on your end. Click the link below to be brought to our form:


Citizen Observers documenting non-compliant construction and pollution.
See Something ugly like? Take Pictures to document and report to the CSI!
Stream Monitoring Volunteer
Protect Our (Surface) Water

For more info

One of our natural resources most sensitive to damage from misplaced pipeline construction is our surface water. Documentation of the conditions of our streams and rivers has been going on in some of our coalition communities for years now to gather baseline data, and never a moment too soon. This data is vital to creating a before-and-after picture to prove any damage caused to downstream surface waters if construction continues. Sign up as a Stream Monitoring Volunteer now to participate in monitoring programs in your community, managed by local watershed groups and regional programs such as the Trout Unlimited/West Virginia Rivers Pipeline Monitoring program or the Isaak Walton League Save Our Streams program.

Watch a video on the Trout Unlimited/West Virginia Rivers Pipeline Monitoring program here:

Stream Monitoring Volunteer
CSI First Responders
Sound the Alarm, Answer the Call

When the CSI receives word of a potential construction noncompliance issue by a Citizen Observer through one of our reporting methods, teams of First Responders are dispatched by Local Volunteer Coordinators to investigate and validate reported incidents of surface water impacts or noncompliance with pipeline construction requirements. First Responders have been trained to know what to look for, how to document it, and what to do with that information next. Sign up to be on-call for verifying ground conditions in your local area as a CSI First Responder.
CSI First Responder sampling highly turbid runoff from a pipeline related construction site using evidence-grade water quality monitoring equipment.
Pipeline Air Force
Above & Beyond - State of the art aerial monitoring of what's beyond the tree-line and out of sight by other means.

Much of the proposed route of the ACP is in rugged, hard to reach forests and steep slopes that are hard to observe from any direction other than from above. The Pipeline Air Force is seeking volunteer pilots and passengers with cameras to take photo evidence of pipeline activity that lies beyond the view of the public. We are also recruiting and training licensed drone pilots to respond to incidents and monitor important locations. At times, these volunteer drone pilots will double as the First Responders for a reported incident. Lastly but just as important to the PAF is a group of volunteers that meets both in-person and online to review the hundreds of photos periodically gathered by our volunteer pilots for reporting of apparent violations; the Aerial Photo Review Team is where the Pipeline Air Force and the Compliance Review volunteer opportunities overlap.

For more info, visit: http://www.abra-csi.org/pipeline-air-force
Pilots, Passengers, Drone Pilots, and Aerial Photo Reviewers
Imagery being reviewed by Aerial Photo Review volunteers for compliance evaluation.
Local Volunteer Coordinator
Think Regionally, Organize Locally

For More info, visit: http://www.abra-csi.org/local-volunteer-coordinators

Local Coordinators are integral to the success of the Pipeline Construction Surveillance Initiative (CSI). They organize the actions of on-the-ground volunteers and coordinate with landowners to observe and record unlawful pipeline construction activity in their areas. Local Coordinators help build incident reports of non-compliant construction activity and of construction-related pollution incidents that are then submitted to both state and federal regulatory agencies. Not waiting on our government to do the right thing, the Pipeline CSI also uses that community-supplied data to build bodies of evidence for the many court cases against the permits that underlie government approval of ACP. All of this starts with you and your local community of committed volunteers.
Local Coordinators strategizing with local area volunteers
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