Elementary Facilities Advocate Sign-Up Form
This form is designed to provide the Brentwood Board of Education with details regarding how many members of the community are willing to step up to inform the public about three potential options related to elementary school facilities - the original facilities committee recommendation or one of two alternatives discussed by the community.

By completing this form and selecting an option, you are indicating your willingness to take part in the following:

- Participating in canvassing (two weekends) to inform the public about the option you support;
- Attending approximately six meetings (to be scheduled) on a weeknight in order to plan and organize information related to the option you support;
- Attending public forums and events related to the option;
- Placing a yard sign or other public notification related to informing the public about the option you support.

You can learn more about the process up to this point by visiting the Facilities Planning page under the COMMUNITY tab of the www.brentwoodmoschools.org website.
I would support the following option regarding elementary facilities and would actively work to inform the community by participating in events like canvassing, weeknight meetings, and public events. *
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I understand that by completing this survey, I am indicating to the Board of Education that I would be willing to serve on a citizens' committee to help inform the public about the elementary facilities option I've chosen above. *
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