Port of San Francisco Draft Waterfront Plan Feedback
The Waterfront Plan (www.sfport.com/waterfrontplan) is the Port of San Francisco’s master plan to guide land use and public improvements along the 7½ mile waterfront from Aquatic Park near Fisherman’s Wharf to India Basin. The Draft Waterfront Plan (http://bit.ly/sfport-waterfrontplan2019-pdf) is the result of a 3+ year public planning process hosted by the Waterfront Plan Working Group, and subsequent workshops hosted by the Port, to solicit input from Port stakeholders and the general public about the future of the Port’s waterfront.

The Port invites the public to provide feedback on the Draft Waterfront Plan through this online form throughout summer 2019. This survey consists of 18 questions that will take as few as 10 minutes to complete. The Port will use this feedback to inform completion of the Waterfront Plan.

Please start by providing your email address and then proceeding to the next section. The Port will not contact you unless you indicate interest. Thank you for your participation in the Waterfront Planning process by providing your feedback.

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1. How do you use the San Francisco waterfront from Fisherman’s Wharf in the north to India Basin in the south? [Select all that apply]
2. How often are you on the San Francisco waterfront? Chose the item that most closely represents the frequency. [Select one]
3. What is your home zip code?
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4. In 2015, the Port created a Waterfront Plan Working Group that conducted a 3-year public process to develop recommendations that have been included or reflected in the Draft Waterfront Plan (http://bit.ly/sfport-waterfrontplan2019-pdf). Would you like to receive more information about the Waterfront Plan Update Public Process (www.sfport.com/waterfrontplan)?
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