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All participants must complete an intake form in order to receive legal advice from an attorney. Please complete the form below and you will receive a follow-up call from one of our attorneys. Please note that we are only able to serve those residing in Cuyahoga County, and cannot assist you if you are currently represented by legal counsel. Thank you!
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I understand that attorneys are available for brief advice and referral only. No attorney-client relationship or promise to perform legal services exist between myself and Scranton Road Legal Clinic. I understand that the attorney will not be representing me for my case. The purpose of this Brief Advice Session is to better understand my situation so I can make an informed legal decision. I may receive a referral to an outside attorney, nonprofit, or social services agency. I am under no obligation to contact any referrals given. I am free to seek legal assistance outside of Scranton Road Legal Clinic. I agree to provide the true, complete and accurate information needed for the evaluation of my case. By checking below, I hereby authorize that my information be released to volunteers and staff of the Scranton Road Legal Clinic and/or other outside professional(s) for the purpose of obtaining effective strategies or soliciting professional opinions that can be helpful to my case. By checking below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand this Acknowledgement and agree to its terms.
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