HMS 8th Grade Course Selections for 2020-2021
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All students will take English, Math, Mississippi Studies/Introduction to World Geography (each course earns 0.5 credits towards high school graduation credits), and Science. Administration will determine placement for the advanced math and English courses (this upcoming year will be based on teacher recommendations, class performance, and other tests such as Case 21 since there are no state test scores for this year due to COVID-19 closure). These advanced courses will appear on the student's schedule if he/she meets these requirements.

As an 8th grader, students have the opportunity to earn high school credits in Math, Mississippi Studies, Introduction to World Geography, Cyber Foundations, and Visual Arts. Based on our 8-period day, students will have room in their schedules to earn three (3) credits in the 8th grade, which they will carry with them to the high school. It is IMPORTANT to understand the impact those grades can have on high school GPAs. The goal MUST be to get the highest grade possible in those credit classes to keep that GPA up at the highest level possible---it should be as close to 4.0 as possible when entering Hernando High School.
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