Parent and Student Survey on Distance Learning
We are gathering information to see how we can improve on distance learning when, and if, it becomes necessary to do it again. We know there were some problems. We were given a week to come up with something and then had to adjust on the fly. We think that it will be better next time, but we need your thoughts. Please include your student's opinions on the answers if it is appropriate for their age.
Name *
Even though it wasn't how we would prefer to do school, what was good about distance learning? *
What were some of the problems you ran into with distance learning at home? *
Please answer the next two questions as if health conditions in August are like they are now. On a scale of 1 to 5, how comfortable would you be sending your children back for face-to-face instruction? *
I will not send my child
Can we start tomorrow? (totally ready)
In your opinion, what would you like to see improved or done at school to help ensure the health of our children and staff from this virus when we do come back face-to-face? *
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