2018 Summer Institute Call for Proposals
JUNE 19-21, 2018

Engaging Civility: Leading Dialogue In and Beyond the University

The NAC&U Summer Institute 2018 will focus on fostering skills to improve civic engagement, with particular emphasis on the role of civil dialogue. The need for an engaged campus community crosses disciplinary and geographic borders. This boundary crossing reflects NAC&U’s commitment to the integration of professional studies and the liberal arts within the context of purposeful civic engagement, and places that commitment within a frame of purposeful civic engagement.

Presentations may describe existing tools/strategies/approaches useful for leading dialogue, or they may engage conference participants in working sessions to develop new projects at their home institutions.

Three questions frame our work over the course of this Institute:
● Which campus and community concerns require our institution's leadership in facilitating dialogue?
● Which strategies can our institution draw from in order to facilitate effective dialogue around these concerns?
● How can dialogue at our institution include voices and perspectives that are often missing?

Session proposals may be framed broadly to engage discussion and possibility. Some examples include:
● Efforts that have worked successfully at your institution to promote civil dialogue and civic engagement, including the
types of campus and community concerns that prevail such dialogue.
● Tools/strategies/approaches your institution has successfully used for promoting engagement and dialogue, both on
and off campus, and at the intersections of these locations.
● Strategies your institution has used to incorporate staff and faculty into leading dialogue.
● New projects in development at your institution that you would like to workshop at the institute.
● Discussion of the risks of leading dialogue for institutional reputation, including internal issues/fractures.

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