Yes, I would like to order for Take Away or dinner at De Ruimte!

Make your choice(s) please. We are open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12h00 - 17h30 and Thursdays and Fridays from 12h00 - 21h00.
You can pick up your order for Take Away or have a seat at De Ruimte - Distelweg 3, Amsterdam.

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* ROPA VIEJA (beef stew) €13,50
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* CAMARONES ENCHILADOS (shrimps in sauce) €13,50
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* POLLO FRITO (Spicy Chicken Drumsticks) €11,50
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* RATATUI DE MOSO (vegetarian ratatouille, vegan possible on request) - €10,50 each
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Ratatui de Moso
Ratatui de Moso Vegan
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ALL MENUS ARE SERVED WITH ENSALADA ( salad), AND THEY COME WITH ARROZ CONGRI (rice cooked in chicken broth with black beans ) ÓR ARROZ BLANCO (plain rice), ÓR YUCA (cassave)
I choose Arroz Congri
I choose Arroz Blanco
I choose Yuca
Extra portion - €3,50 each. Please make your choice:
Arroz Congri
Ratatui de Moso
Arroz Blanco
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