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College Planning Cohort sessions are monthly group meetings between Dymensions Educational Consulting cohort students and a facilitator. College Planning sessions and intentional follow-up provide a framework for ensuring that students receive individual, ongoing support. Cohort meetings serve as the primary vehicle to direct students to appropriate services based upon individual college preparation needs.
College Planning Cohort sessions conducted with each cohort student are intended to promote the following Dymensions Educational Consulting LLC objectives:

• Objective 1: Increase student academic achievement and course completion.
• Objective 2: Increase student high school graduation.
• Objective 3: Increase student post-secondary participation and success.
• Objective 4: Increase student and family educational expectations.
• Objective 5: Increase student and family knowledge of and access to financial assistance for post-secondary education.

Dymensions Educational Consulting LLC conducted with each cohort student monthly aims to:

• Facilitate student participation and engagement in school.
• Facilitate student career exploration.
• Facilitate postsecondary preparedness.
• Ensure that, prior to high school graduation, students develop a portfolio that includes at least one postsecondary application, at least one scholarship application, and a completed FAFSA.
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10-month College Planning Cohort Program - $750/program cost
Individual College Planning Program - $75/session
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