Midd Ramen Pre-order (April 24th, Sunday)
Thanks for checking Midd Ramen out! The pre-order is now closed, but feel free to walk-in during our opening hours. We are open Sunday 7:30-10:30pm at the Gamut Room.

Small-size Sho-yu Ramen (Soy-sauce): $7
Full-size Sho-yu Ramen (Soy-sauce): $10
*Contains soy, wheat, sesame, fish extract, shellfish extract

Cash or Venmo ONLY

Free Toppings:
- Scallions
- Soft-boiled eggs
- Boiled Bean Sprouts
- Seasoned Bamboo Shoot
- Dried Seaweed

Extra Toppings:
Sichuan Chili Oil: 50¢
Extra Toppings (any of the toppings above): 50¢ each
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