PreScreen Questionnaire for Potential Customer Service Professionals
This is the first step in the hiring process & in order to qualify for the on camera interview with our management team. All Steps Must be completed and passed in order to be able to move forward. Failure to do all of the proper steps in order will result in your application to be denied and to not be in consideration for the virtual/remote position applied.

Email address *
Balancing Life LLC- Virtual Staffing Service
What is your Full Name *
Are you 18 Years old Or Older? *
What is the E-Mail that you check most often? *
What is your Telephone Number? *
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (excluding all traffic violations) *
You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to working, Do you accept this? *
What type of Computer do you Own? *
Can you physically connect your computer to your router? *
What operating system does the main computer operate on? *
Programs will require certifications that will have a cost associated with training- Are you prepared and willing to pay for certification? (keep in mind upon completion and signed servicing contract- you may be reimbursed for the cost of your training certification class). *
Some training certification courses are required to attend set hours that may be during the day. Can you accommodate this requirement? *
The position in which you have applied for is a sub-contractor or independent contractor position- meaning that you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. Are you willing to work as a Independent Contractor and not "Employee"? *
All Client expectations will be reviewed with you before starting your contract. You will be expected to adhere to all client & company expectations. Do you accept this? *
What attracted you to apply for this remote/virtual position with our company? *
What is the best quality that you bring to the Team? Is it your experience or years of service or are you bilingual? Be Descriptive *
What is your biggest weakness & how do you plan to overcome it? *
We are looking for serious applicants, who want to work to provide a better life for what is best for you. What other Jobs or Business do you do also in conjunction with working for us? *
There are some bilingual positions available from time to time. Would you be willing to take a position that would be available in another language? (some opportunities provide higher per hour pay if bilingual) *
After answering this questionnaire, do you agree to do your Mandatory Voice Assessment and then send to the e-mail required? *
Your interview will be on camera in a Zoom Meeting room with one of the Management Team, you must attend the Interview at the time you scheduled, do you agree? *
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