As part of the quest to achieve our dreams and make OOOBTC Exchange the best among other exchange.

Today we want introduce a new method to vote and list your favorite coin on our exchange.

Every month the OOOBTC team will evaluate and list new tokens/coin through community voting.

To apply kindly fill this form or email support

Note :
- we will only list the Top projects with the largest and real vote.

- number of vote per person is unlimited and can as well vote for many project as you wish.

- 10 OBX Token per vote will be deducted from you OBX wallet.

- the 2nd to the 6th will be given an opportunity to list their project through our promotional offer or wait for the next round of voting.

REWARD :- The winning project voters will be rewarded with 10% OBX Token equally from all OBX collected from voting fees during the vote from the agreed pool.

The losing project voters will also be rewarded with 10% OBX Token equally from all OBX collected from voting fees during the vote from the against pool.


(1) All applied project must be review by ooobtc team.

(2) You must have a strong community with above 1000 active users.

(3)i. voters are advise to join ooobtc telegram group to show some community support

ii. Voters must register on and fund their account with 10 OBX to cast their vote.

iii. Follow us on twitter , for more update.

(4) bot or fake vote, will automatically disqualify a project.

(5) You can vote for more than one project and as many times as you wish.

(6) the qualified project must present it legal document or the team must past kyc.

(7) the project with the largest number is not the winner yet, we will investigate on the project before listing.

After voting, we will give the wining project 1 week to present there legal document, complete kyc and sign listing agreement.

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