CIA Summer Reading 2019
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This is the form to add a response for the CIA Summer Reading Program. To submit a response, please fill out your FULL name, click what section you read and submit a response. A response should be thoughtful and demonstrate that you read the section. This may come in the form of a summary or a personal sharing of what you think God is revealing to you through His word. Finally, please check if you would like to share your response with other people. If not, I will post a blackout your response on the response sheet.

Although reading the Bible is a reward in itself, we have also decided to offer additional goals for this reading plan. See below for the goals list. Because we have made people's progress public, we encourage you to encourage others to keep up with their reading. This may look like doing the reading together or just reminding them to read for that day.

There are 95 total sections which may seem like a lot but it comes out to less than 3 chapters a day. You can even do more than 1 section a day if you feel like it.

We hope you find this reading plan helpful. I know that I have found reading the Bible extremely vital to my spiritual health and has equipped me more for teaching and counseling others. I encourage you all to take the time to think about the passages and discuss with others about what God may be saying.

Goal Tiers:
32 Responses - Boba
64 Responses - Chipotle or Similar
95 Responses - Kbbq
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