Refugees Thrive Board Application
Refugees Thrive International is looking for skilled and committed board members. In particular, skills sought include accounting, communications, social media strategy, and fundraising. Before completing the application please review to become familiar with our mission, vision, and values.

Board members shape Thrive’s long and short-term goals, participate in regular planning meetings, and execute assigned projects. Members are expected to contribute 2-4 hours a week to Thrive work, although flexibility is required, as certain times of year will be busier than others.

There is currently no financial contribution required of board members, but board members do play a role in helping Refugees Thrive meet our fundraising goals. Board members are encouraged to use their personal networks to promote and advance the mission of Refugees Thrive.

Board members are strictly volunteer and are not compensated in any way.

Board positions are one-year terms. All board members will be evaluated annually to consider renewal of their term.

Please respond to the questions below to detail why you are interested in a board position and how you would contribute to the board.

Please be prepared to also upload your resume or CV.

We welcome your application.

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What relevant skills or experiences do you have and how would you use them to contribute to Thrive’s board? You do not need to have new, specific projects in mind, but please detail the skills you have acquired and how you can use them to further Thrive’s mission. *
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