Sunday School Feedback for Summer 2019
Please give us your feedback for the Sunday School course(s) you attended! Your input will be used by the CBCM English Adult Sunday School teachers to improve the effectiveness of the Sunday School Ministry.

After the first two questions, the rest are optional, but your responses - especially the written ones - would help greatly. Providing your name and email is also optional.

Please fill out this survey for each course you attended. (At the end of the survey you'll have the option to request another survey. If you don't see it - just click on the feedback link again.)

If you have feedback for specific teachers where the course had multiple teachers, please use the "What Could Be Done Better" question.

If you prefer to provide feedback to me directly, please email me at

Thanks in advance for your help in improving this ministry!

Cliff Soon, CBCM Christian Education Department deacon
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