Homeschool Geology Classes (Oct/Nov)
An introduction to myself: My name is Adrienne McElwain, I run the Crystal Barista rock shop online, and the Crystal Festival Annual Rock Show. I grew up in my father's rock shop (Rockpick Legend Co.) in Salt Lake City. I have offered free geology classes to classrooms across the Wasatch Front for over 15 years, however, as I was homeschooled and I homeschool my children so they can travel the world with me rock hounding and exploring I wanted to give back to the homeschool community. I have taught a variety of geology classes in public classrooms, colleges, preschools, and for Scout Groups. Here i wanted to combine the best of the best, and the most fun of these classes and topics. I have put together in-depth kits for a more interactive experience and chosen to use the platform Zoom for the safest experience for all the children involved. The kits are entirely optional, you are welcome to attend my classes without purchasing anything from me, however, selling these kits even at a deep discount helps me fund doing these classes and will help me to be able to offer more classes in the future. If these classes are popular I will offer them again, and offer more. Thank you!

CLASSES ARE FREE - Purchasing a Kit or leaving a tip allows me to continue to do these and is much appreciated.
*Please note these will be canceled if I do not have a minimum of 5 students sign up for them. Each class is 45 minutes long on Google Classroom. Kits are optional and not required to attend the classes EXCEPT THE GEODES CLASS, these are put together to be super discounted and better than the geology educational kits you find online with less fancy packaging and more specimens and tools!


Rocks & Minerals:
What exactly is a rock? What is a Mineral? Learn about what makes rocks, minerals, and fossils and how these groups are classified. Target Ages 8-18. There are printable pages for this class, they come in the kit or you can print them. Optional $25 Rock, Mineral, & Fossil Kit.
(Kit includes: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks, Minerals, Fossil samples, and magnifier.)

All About Fossils:
Learn about the amazing world of fossils, and why we study them! What can fossils teach us? What fossil hunting is really all about, and what are the classifications of fossils. Learn about the 6 types of fossils and how each one has changed our understanding of the world. This exciting class has an EPIC KIT! GET OVER $100 IN FOSSILS FOR JUST $25 WHEN YOU TAKE THIS CLASS.

How We Use Minerals In Our Everyday Lives
"If it cannot be grown it must be mined." This famous quote sums up the importance of mining. Everything we have from clothing to food, houses, cars and the computer you are reading this on was either grown or mined or a combination of the two. There is NO OTHER way to get resources from with which we build everything we use, and own. Learn how everything we have is grown or mined, and how we use minerals every single day! In fact many of them are minerals you eat.!

Deadliest Minerals:
Many minerals are toxic, poisonous, and deadly! Minerals have been accidentally killing humans for thousands of years, but they have also been used to intentionally kill people too! Learn how minerals have been used to kill, how they have killed as a product of humans moving into where they were forming, how they have been mishandled and misused, and the amazing discoveries this lead to!

All About Geodes:
Geodes are amazing! They hold crystals and are fun to break open. They also have led to some amazing discoveries. Trapped inside geodes can be ancient water, with incredible stories to tell. Learn how geodes form, how many different types of geodes there are, and the stories geodes tell.

***Kit is required for this class. Ideally, each student should have their own kit however, if your students need to share that is fine, it is not just a goede. The kit includes various types of geodes to show different formations and a crystal growing set.****

Fluorescent Minerals & Fossils:
Did you know that many rocks glow under black light? This interesting fact was discovered in 1852! Interestingly enough what makes rocks glow is not that different than what makes insects, and reptiles glow! Miners use fluorescent lamps to both look for valuable rocks, and warning signs they are in danger. Dig deeper into geology with this Fluorescent Mineral and Fossil Class. Target Ages 8-18.
(Fluorescent Kit: $50 Fluorescent kit includes lights and $100 mineral kit home school only price.)


Contact me with questions:
Adrienne McElwain

It breaks my heart to be sending this out, however, I now must make a policy about refunds and canceled orders. I have had several families no show to various classes or trips, sign up for all the trips and then later decide which one they wanted to be on and cancel out the others, and sign up and pay for classes and then ask for refunds because they did not carefully read the information in the google document etc.

Prompt Payment
Please understand, when an order is placed I order the supplies for that class and spend my own money to do that. It can then take 2-3 weeks for those supplies to ship, often internationally, to my house. At which point I spend weeks boxing and sending out orders. I usually do this after my children have gone to bed, instead of having my own downtime.

When orders sit at my house unpaid, or families decide not to join classes and ask me to refund or cancel those orders that money comes out of my pocket and my ability to homeschool my children. I cannot afford to do this! I do these kits at my cost, and sometimes after shipping, below my cost. I call in personal favors and network with mine owners and other rock shop others to provide these kits. I have even networked with some of the great parents here to help provide printables and a friend who publishes workbooks to provide these workbooks to you at his cost (in this case I don't make anything and neither does he, he is paying the shipping cost as a donation to send them to me and I am paying the shipping cost to send them out, or in the case of last Saturday simply donate them to kids).

Please do not place an order if you are unsure if you want it, and please do not ask me to cancel or refund an order. I cannot afford to keep offering free classes and trips if I need to cancel and refund orders due to your family's plans changing. I will not refund orders except in the case of my own mistake, and if I have to cancel orders you will not be allowed to sign up for free classes in the future. I do not want to be forced to stop offering these classes because they are costing me money.

Again, I hate even sending this out. But as I refunded an order this morning, I realize I need a policy in place for this if I am to continue. I do not mind volunteering my time to network, order, pack, ship, and teach. But I cannot afford to have it cost me money that directly comes out of my ability to continue to educate my own children.

Thank you so much for your understanding,
Adrienne McElwain
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