are you a cash member? would you like to sponsor a food-stamp-recipient?
Aslan's How Organics is committed to helping low-income families access healthy, organic produce. We are asking our cash paying members to each support one food stamp (EBT/SNAP) member for the 2012 season.

These families receive a very modest state provided allowance for food each month. A typical single adult receives 120$/mo. By paying a portion of their subscription, you will help them provide nutritious meals for them or their family. 20$/wk at Aslan's How would mean 40$/mo to live on beyond produce. We will give you information about the family you will be sponsoring.

Please fill out the agreement below if you would like to sponsor a family for the 2012 season. You will have a one time payment at the beginning of the season added to your initial $200 CSA share amount; we have two sponsorship levels:

$50 -- allows single adult EBT recipient 60$/mo for food purchases beyond produce
$100 -- allows single adult EBT recipient 80$/mo for food purchases beyond produce


Not a tame lion, Aaron & Carolyn Luke
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