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Farm House is a national Listserv of rural progressives administered by

At the Netroots Nation conference in 2019, a few dozen rural organizers gathered during the "Rural Caucus" to discuss organizing in rural communities. During the gathering, the group decided to create a listserv for rural progressives.

As a result, "Farm House" was formed. The purpose of this list is to help rural progressives connect with one another to share relevant news, events, and campaign opportunities.

If you'd like to join Farm House, please fill out this form.

These are the guidelines for the group:

1. Post only about activities, events and topics related to rural arts, culture, and politics.
2. No personal attacks on other members; respect the opinions of all members.
3. Emails should be short and to the point, minimizing opinion or speculation.
4. Try to check previous threads to ensure that you are not reposting a topic or item that has already been posted.
5. Use a descriptive subject line which describes what’s in the email.
6. Minimize the number of emails you send to only a few per week.
7. Respond privately to an email using “reply” rather than “reply all," unless your response is relevant to the entire group.

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