EMC SMP8 Public Overworld Gold Farm

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Location - We have to find a location where no one is using a nether portal for their active base within 1024 overworld blocks (128 nether blocks). I was going to start scouting 96 blocks from the Grinders or Sushi Drop.
No animals or other spawns should be within 96 blocks of the pigmen farm.
This will be an active xp kill type farm. I am open to build design suggestions until we choose one design. The build we use should already exist somewhere on EMC, and we have to know it works on the server since EMC has some different spawning rules than vanilla single player Minecraft.
Amenities should include enchant room, repair room, AFK safe room, potion room, locked chest area, crafting/furnaces, beds, and crop farms (for food and potions).
All parts of this build should take safety into consideration. For example, pixel art should not allow creepers to spawn on top of it and fall on people's heads below. Light it all up, and better yet, half slabs!
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