Application to Anchor a Public Square
This is an application to anchor a public square at Alchemy 2018. If you have not already, please go read Then download and complete the Cheat Sheet at before you begin.

This form will close at 11:59 pm on Wed, Jul 25.

Your name *
Your email *
Theme camp name *
Remember that actual theme camp placement is a separate process!
Anchor project description *
What would your camp do to anchor the square? Describe in sufficient detail to allow us to understand it.
Criteria for selection
Selection for placement on a Public Square will be determined by the following criteria:

• Interactivity: Can hippies take part in it? Touch it? Climb on it? Watch it?

• Availability: Is it available 24/7 or only during specified hours? (NOTE: you are not required to be open 24/7 — we just want to know your planned schedule for planning purposes.)

• Landmark status: Is it distinctive enough to help hippies know where they are in the burn? What makes it special?

• Integration: How well does it fit in with the surrounding camps?

• Engagement: How does your project attract and engage the hippies? How will it contribute to the "explorability"/passeggiata of the burn?

Explain yourself. *
How will your camp/anchor project meet the above criteria?
New or not? *
Is this a new project or one that already exists?
General theme
Does the anchor or square have a general theme? (If not, you may leave this blank.)
Which of the 10 Principles could your square illustrate/embody/educate?
The Event Team is pushing education in a big way this burn, and we'd like the squares to be a big part of that. If your anchor project/square can illustrate one or more of the principles and help educate the hippies about what that means, indicate your willingness here. We'll work out details with you later.
Camp interaction *
How would your camp support/maintain/interact/interface with the project?
Square footage *
What are the dimensions you would require for this square? (No dimension should be greater than 70 feet. 50 feet is optimal.)
Traffic *
Your square can be approached either by a road or by paths. Roads would run along one side of your square; paths can approach from many angles.
Site plan *
Please upload a *scaled* site plan of your square and the anchor project. Indicate loosely the arrangement of your camp (and other) around the square, i.e., you don't have to plan the camp, just the square. For tips on making a scaled site plan, see
Kindred camps *
What other camps/kinds of camps would you like to have with you around the square? How might they add to the square as a focal point? If you already have camps lined up, list them.
Do you want to burn your project? Please give details. The maximum height for any project like this is 8 ft; the maximum width is 3–4 feet. All burn proposals must be approved by the Fire Safety Team! (If not, you may leave this question blank.)
Will your anchor project or your camp generate sound? If so, please describe below. Remember that all amplified sound is monitored by the Sound Team throughout the burn. (If not, you may leave this question blank.)
Anything else?
Anything that we didn't ask that you'd like to tell us?
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