Illinois Coalition Against Fracking Memorandum Of Understanding
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The name of this organization shall be the Illinois Coalition Against Fracking, hereinafter referred to as “the Coalition.”

The Members of the Coalition agree that fracking is inherently unsafe and that nothing short of its complete prohibition is acceptable. We commit to bring an end to all forms of fracking and to create a just energy transition to clean, renewable sources of energy.

The Coalition defines “fracking” as the process by which fluid is injected deep underground under high pressure to fracture layers of rock and thereby extract oil or gas. We work to stop both industrialized fracking and related infrastructure, including frac sand mining, high volume water extraction, fracking-associated waste disposal, injection wells, pipelines and other means of transporting oil and natural gas. While resisting fracking, we advocate for and support a transition to a carbon neutral economy.


1)    Definitions:
     a)    Steering Committee Members of the Coalition (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) are organizations that sign on to and affirm their agreement with this Memorandum of Understanding.
     b)    Supporters are individuals who sign on to and agree to support the mission and principles of this Memorandum of Understanding, and organizations that agree to support the mission and principles of this Memorandum of Understanding but choose not to act as voting participants.

2)    Means of communication:
     a)    Members will each designate at least one point person to be the primary contact person with the Coalition in correspondence and in-person meetings. An organization can designate more than one contact person, but each organization gets only one vote in Steering Committee decision making. Such contact persons shall be included on email listservs and any other means of internal communication.
     b)    Supporting organizations may also designate a point person to be included on email listservs and any other means of internal communication, and supporting individuals may also be included on email listservs and any other means of internal communication but cannot vote.

3) Norms of Behavior
At all times, individuals representing member organizations that are a part of the Coalition are expected to follow respectful norms of behavior in settling disagreements or conflicts:
     a) At times, we might need to agree to disagree. Members will uphold principles of transparency with the Coalition.
     b) Threatening or abusive behavior by a Member, point person or individual supporter, in any written or verbal communication directed at another Member, point person or individual supporter, will not be tolerated.
     c) Conflicts related to member events or Coalition events that diminish the ability of the Coalition to fulfill its Mission should be brought to the attention of the Coalition.
     d) Members will not thwart the efforts of the Coalition and will uphold decisions of the Coalition. Members remain free to abstain from any particular action of the Coalition. Members may support anti-fracking measures not supported by the Coalition, but in that event, they shall do so in their own name, and shall not state or imply that they are acting on behalf of the Coalition.
     e) Members shall exercise confidentiality about internal discussions and Coalition strategy, unless and until the Coalition agrees to make a strategic decision public.
     f) Members shall disclose any conflict of interest that would prevent them from supporting a ban on fracking. This includes, but is not limited to, any goals, objectives, conditions or limitations arising from any grant funding related to their work on fracking, and any funding originating from the fossil fuel industry or its representatives.
     g) At all times, individuals shall follow the “Golden Rule,” to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


1) Members shall make a good-faith effort to have at least one point person available for calls or meetings.

2) Coalition strategy and tactical decisions shall be made by consensus.  Where consensus is not possible, decisions shall be voted on, requiring a ⅔ majority of the Steering Committee (one vote per organization).

3) New organizations may become Members, and become part of the Steering Committee, by signing on to this Memorandum of Understanding, provided that existing Steering Committee Members accept the organization by consensus or a ⅔ vote..

4) Groups may be expelled from the Coalition by a ⅔ vote if they are found to have violated a provision of this Memorandum of Understanding.

5) Legislative Process:
     a. When attempting to influence legislators, Members and supporters shall work together to exert maximum influence in support of our mission to ban fracking and transition to a carbon-neutral economy.
b. We recognize that other interest groups will seek to influence legislators to adopt positions that fall short of, or conflict with, our goals, and some legislators may attempt to reconcile those differences by trying to make compromises.
             ii. Negotiations and proposed changes to legislation may sometimes occur very rapidly, and Members and supporters may have to make fast tactical decisions regarding whether a given change to a bill moves us toward our goals, is contrary to our goals, or does not clearly move policy in either direction.
             iii. In recognition of this, when Members or supporters are involved in communications with legislators or other interest groups about proposed legislation or amendments, they shall at all times be transparent toward other Members and supporters about the nature of their communications.
             iv. They shall make good-faith attempts to act collectively with their Coalition partners and provide updates as needed regarding significant developments and opportunities for input.
             v.  Steering Committee Members shall not support any legislation that supports or allows for the continuation of fracking in any form. Otherwise, Steering Committee Members will respect the decisions of other Steering Committee Members with respect to specific bills or amendments that do not pertain to fracking, and refrain from public criticism or negative messaging directed at other Members, who may have a different opinion from the group, so long as they remain members of the Coalition.

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